Photo/Recipe Sharing Policy

Photo and Recipe Sharing Policy:

Thank you for your interest in Garlic + Zest. Note that my content is copyrighted material which I’ve worked diligently to create.

PHOTO USE:  If you’d like to use my photo(s) to promote one of my recipes or my blog in general: You may share one photo as long as you prominently link back to the original post. You may not republish the recipe itself. Please let me know if you promote my work!

If you want to use my photo(s) to promote something else: You must request my permission beforehand. My images may not be used as stock photos unless express written consent is given.

RECIPE USE:  You may not republish my recipe(s) without my explicit permission. I occasionally allow other websites or publications to publish my recipes; this is decided at my discretion on a case-by-case basis. For more information please consult U.S. copyright laws for recipes.