14 Incredible Mexican Desserts

Classic Flan

Flan is a traditional  Mexican dessert w/creamy custard and dark caramel sauce.

Arroz Con Leche

This is a cinnamon spiked rice pudding that's a favorite Mexican dessert.


A rich orange-scented chocolate cake topped w/ vanilla & coffee flan.


A crispy Mexican fritter sprinkled cinnamon sugar.

Fried Ice Cream

Ice cream sandwiched between toasted corn flakes cinnamon & honey.

Mexican Paletas

Fruity popsicles are a favorite Mexican dessert because they're refreshing.

Margarita Pie

This icebox pie is simple to make with the flavor of strawberry margaritas.

Churro Cupcakes

A twist on classic Mexican churros in cupcake form.

Chocolate Flan

A chocolate version of the classic Mexican dessert.

Passion Fruit Cake

A rum infused passion fruit bundt cake. So MOIST!