Cucumber Melon Gin and Prosecco Brunch Cocktail

This light sparkling brunch cocktail is perfect for Mother's Day. Start w/ fresh cucumber juice. Just grate and drain the cucumbers.

To make melon juice, blend chunks of cantaloupe with water, then strain.

Use a good gin and chilled prosecco with cucumber juice, cantaloupe juice & simple syrup.

The fresh cucumber & cantaloupe juices are light & refreshing in the brunch cocktail. It's not too sweet.

Add the fresh juices, simple syrup and gin into a shaker with ice, seal it up and shake until icy cold.

Top with chilled prosecco to give the brunch cocktail a sparkling fizzy finish.

For garnish, skewer a melon ball &  strip of cucumber on a cocktail pick to serve. Mom will love this.

This tasty, light brunch cocktail is perfect for spring and summer entertaining.