Easy Green Chile Pulled Pork In A Crockpot

This crock pot pulled pork recipe starts with a 3 1/2 pound pork shoulder.

Trim the pork shoulder of fat and sinew, then cut into large chunks. 

Braise the pork in the crock pot w/sweet peppers, onions, beer, hatch green chiles spices & salsa verde. 

When the green chile pork is tender, drain off the excess braising liquid (save it to add moisture back later.

Pull the pork chunks to form shreds and add chopped cilantro to the green chile pulled pork.

Use this warm spiced green chile pulled pork to fill tacos, sandwiches, enchiladas and more.

This green chile pulled pork isn't overly spicy or hot and tastes great. Even kids love it.

Make this Green Chile Pulled Pork today!