How To Make Ham Bone Soup with Vegetables

Got a leftover ham bone? Don't toss it out. It still has much more to give. This easy ham bone and vegetable soup is so good.

Start by sautéing carrots onions & celery until tender. Then add tomato paste, oregano, crushed red pepper & a bay leaf.

Add the ham bone and some stock or water. I like to add a can of chick peas to the ham bone soup and simmer until they're tender.

Simmer the ham bone in the soup for about 30 minutes, then remove the bone and pick off the rest of the meat. Discard the bone.

Add mini pasta (pastina) to the soup along with the ham that you picked from the bone and simmer until the pasta is almost done.

Chop some escarole lettuce or kale to simmer for the last few minutes.

This easy ham bone soup recipe is ready in an hour!

No one can resist this delicious homemade soup.

The next time you have a leftover ham bone, make sure to save it for this easy ham and vegetable soup.