Smoked Ham Kale & White Bean Soup (using dried beans)

Making soup with dried beans is really easy and makes a full pot to feed a crowd. Just be sure to soak the beans in fresh water overnight. (They'll cook faster that way).

Smoked ham hocks and bay leaves will add body and a nice smoky flavor to the soup.

Cover the beans and ham hocks with water and bring them to a simmer. Cook until the beans are tender.  ~2 hours

After the beans are tender, remove the ham hocks and bay leaves and discard.

Puree several cups of the beans in a blender until smooth and add them back to the pot.

Add fresh chopped veggies to the soup to simmer until tender.

Add diced leftover ham, or use a ham steak (don't forget the bone - it's the best part!)

Add chopped kale about 10 minutes before the soup is ready so it can cook down and get tender.

This makes the best ham and bean soup for cooler weather. Enough to feed the whole family.

Great served with biscuits or popovers, this healthy meal is one of our favorites.

Make it soon.