How To Make a Mango Margarita On The Rocks

This light, refreshing mango margarita recipe has just a few ingredients & is easy to make at home. Perfect for summertime.

You can use regular margarita salt for garnish, but I like to use Tajin which is a chili-lime mixture.

Dip the rim into agave syrup, or brush it on with a pastry brush to help the Tajin or margarita salt stick more effectively.

The summer cocktail starts with reposado tequila. Use a cocktail jigger to measure out the alcohol.

Add fresh squeezed lime juice to the tequila and ice. Best to use a cocktail shaker for an icy drink.

Mango simple syrup, made from fresh mangoes, sugar and water is the secret to this margarita recipe.

Add the mango syrup to the shaker, seal & shake the cocktail shaker vigorously for about 30 seconds.

Add ice to the rimmed margarita glass and pour the shaken mango margarita over the top.

Garnish the drink with fresh mango spears for nibbling.

You'll love this simple Mango Margarita Recipe.