How To Make Chicken Barley & Vegetable Soup From Scratch

My family loves homemade soup for dinner and this one made from a whole chicken, with lots of tender veggies and toothsome barley is one of their favorites.

Just simmer the chicken for a few hours with veggies and aromatics to make the homemade chicken stock.

Strain the stock into a bowl and press on the veggies with a wooden spoon to get all the flavor from the stock.

My kids love mushrooms, so I start by sautéing mushrooms in a heavy pot.

Add chopped fresh veggies to the mushrooms and cook until just tender.

While the soup simmers cook and drain the barley. We like pearled barley for this soup recipe.

Remove the meat from the chicken carcass and discard the skin and bones, then add the broth and other ingredients to the pot.

Add frozen veggies and cooked barley just before serving the homemade chicken vegetable soup to keep the colors vibrant.

Serve up a hearty bowl of chicken barley soup with lots of vegetables for dinner this week! Kids love it!