How To Make Chorizo Hash & Eggs

Chorizo is a spicy Spanish sausage that's perfect for making a homemade hash. It's easy & great for breakfast through dinner.

Fry it up in a skillet until it's got crispy edges and is very fragrant, then transfer to a dish to rest.

Dice potatoes and boil them just until tender. Drain well & let the steam escape to dry out the spuds.

Crisp the potatoes in a large skillet with some oil, stirring and flipping occasionally until golden.

Sauté diced bell peppers and onions with a simple seasoning mix. Cook until the vegetables are tender.

Combine the chorizo, potatoes and vegetables in the skillet and cook to heat through.

We like our chorizo hash with a poached egg on top, but you can also use a fried egg or scrambled.

Top the chorizo hash with an egg, crumbled cheese and seasoning to serve.

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