How To Make Classic Italian Easter Ricotta Pie

This traditional Italian ricotta cheesecake starts with a flaky pastry crust called pasta frolla. It's easy to make in the food processor.

Just pulse the ingredients until they come together in a shaggy dough. Flatten into a disc and refrigerate.

While the dough rests, assemble the ricotta cheesecake batter.

I recommend using a whole milk or double cream ricotta cheese for a rich flavor.

Combine the ricotta, eggs, lemon zest and other ingredients in a bowl.

Candied citron and chocolate chips are traditional ingredients in  this Italian cheesecake

Roll out the dough. It will be soft. I recommend rolling on a piece of parchment paper so it's easier to transfer to the springform pan.

Transfer the pastry crust to a springform pan and press into the bottom and sides.

Fill the crust with the cheesecake filling and bake in a water bath to set.

Baking in a water bath helps to cook the Italian cheesecake evenly.

This traditional Easter dessert will be a favorite with the whole family.