How To Make  Coq Au Vin with Chicken Thighs

Traditional coq au vin was made with rooster, but I use readily available chicken thighs for my recipe.

Start by crisping bacon in a dutch oven. Use the rendered fat to sear the chicken thighs.

Once the chicken thighs are seared, build the layers of flavor with mushrooms & mushroom powder, mire poix of veggies, red wine, chicken broth & herbs

Sauté the vegetables, then add the tomato paste, red wine and chicken broth.

My secret ingredient is dried mushroom powder. Use a spice grinder or coffee grinder to make it. 

Add the mushroom powder, chicken and herbs to the pot and braise for one hour with the lid on.

After one hour of braising, add frozen pearl onions and cook for one more hour.

Doesn't it look phenomenal? We just need to thicken the wine sauce.

I use an equal mix of flour and butter to make a paste called a beurre manié for thickening the sauce. 

This hearty French chicken stew makes a delicious family dinner for anytime.

Make it for your family tonight!