How To Make Mushroom Lasagna

Mushroom lasagna is a rich, decadent casserole everyone loves. Use a mix of fresh & dried mushrooms for the recipe.

Dried mushrooms need to be rehydrated with hot water and a 30 minute steep before using.

While the 'shrooms are soaking, prepare the bechamel sauce to layer in the mushroom lasagna.

What makes mushroom lasagna special is the meaty duxelles layer w/a blend of 'shrooms & wine.

Sauté the chopped mushrooms until they give up their liquid, then deglaze with red wine.

Ricotta cheese, fresh herbs, grated parmesan & an egg make a rich cheesy layer for the lasagna .

Just mix the ricotta with the other ingredients until well combined.

Begin layering the mushroom lasagna with bechamel, lasagna noodles, mushroom duxelles, ricotta cheese and grated mozzarella.

The final layer of the mushroom lasagna is the bechamel. Add grated mozzarella during the last few minutes of baking.

This mushroom lasagna is hearty, & flavorful with rich cheesy layers, tender pasta & savory wine spiked mushroom duxelles.

This incredible mushroom lasagna is a great vegetarian main course or side dish to a larger meal.

If you're a mushroom fan, this recipe is a MUST.