How To Make Coconut Almond Rice Krispie Cookies

These crunchy chewy cookies start with the rice krispies & seasonings like butter, sugar, salt & powdered milk - which adds a caramel-malt vibe.

Toss the rice cereal with the butter and other ingredients, then toast in a warm oven until crisp-chewy and golden brown.

For the cookie dough, cream the butter and sugars together and whisk the dry ingredients in a separate bowl.

Add an egg and almond extract, then mix in the dry ingredients to make the rice krispie cookie dough.

Toast slivered almonds until they're crunchy and golden brown. If you don't have almonds use other nuts.

Add the toasted Rice Krispies, flaked coconut and toasted almonds to the cookie dough.

Use a cookie scoop to portion out the dough onto a parchment lined baking sheet. Bake for ~15 minutes.

Let the rice krispie cookies rest on the pan for a minute or two so they can set up.

Cool The coconut almond rice krispie cookies completely on a wire rack.

These simple cookies are buttery, rich and so delicious. Make them NOW!