How To Make  Wood Smoked Beer Can Chicken

This beer can chicken uses a small fryer (about 3-4 pounds) & a simple chipotle dry rub to season the bird.

Liberally coat the chicken inside and out with the chipotle dry rub seasoning. Pat the rub into the skin.

Make sure to coat every part of the bird w/ the rub.

Soak wood chips in water &  half a beer 1 hour before smoking the chicken.

Use a church key to cut holes in the beer can and add a bit of chipotle rub.

Carefully insert the beer can into the chicken cavity.

Make sure the chicken will stand up on the beer can.

Smoke the chicken on the grill using indirect heat. Use an instant read thermometer to check the temperature.

Carve the chicken and serve on a platter. Great with baked beans.