How To Make Old Fashioned Tuna Pasta Salad

Classic tuna and pasta salad is easy to make with canned tuna, small pasta and a few fresh veggies.

We like to add dill relish to ours, but sweet relish works too.

Just finely dice onion, celery and jalapeños and add the pickled relish.

Add a good quality mayonnaise, lemon juice  salt and pepper & mix well.

When adding the mayo and lemon, the mixture may look a little saucy.

Drain the cans of tuna well, then flake it with a fork and add it to the mayonnaise and vegetable mixture.

Cook and drain the pasta well. We like to use ditalini, but elbow macaroni works well too.

Fresh herbs amp up the flavors in this flavorful tuna and pasta salad.

It's just like my grandmother made.