Impossibly Thin, Uber Crispy Deliciously Chewy Peanut Bars

These crispy peanut bars have a buttery butterscotch base with a few surprise ingredients you're not expecting.

Start by melting butter with the butterscotch morsels until they're creamy and shiny. This smells so good!

Add instant espresso powder- this gives the bars a richer, deeper, more intense flavor.

A little sugar adds sweetness, but you don't need too much. These bars are bittersweet.

A mixture of flour, cinnamon, ginger stabilize the bars and give this dessert a complex flavor.

Don't forget the egg. Without it, the bars won't puff around the peanuts when it bakes.

Spread the batter into a prepared pan (check the website for the very specific instructions on how to do it).

Sprinkle the nuts all over the batter and bake until the toffee layer puffs up around the nuts.

Look at how everything bakes together into a harmonious layer! It smells so good in the kitchen!

Cut the bars and let them cool on a wire rack until firm. (Check the website for specific directions on that).

Look at how thin & crispy these peanut bars are! You won't believe the flavor! It's deep, toasty, caramel-y & peanutty!