Incredible Louisiana Rice Dressing

This classic Louisiana stuffing recipe is like a taste of New Orleans. Start by browning ground beef & pork in butter.

Add the holy trinity of celery, green pepper and onion along with chicken livers, red pepper and garlic. Lots of garlic.

Stir in a pint of oysters &  liquor and break them apart with the back of a wooden spoon. This gives the rice dressing depth.

This Creole seasoning blend with smoked paprika, garlic and onion powder cayenne pepper & dried herbs give the rice dressing its authentic Louisiana flavor. 

Combine cooked and cooled rice with the meat and vegetable blend.

Chopped green onions and fresh parsley add the final touch to this classic bayou rice dressing. 

Chopped pecans are the final ingredient for this recipe. You can serve immediately from the pan o, bake it in a casserole or stuff into a turkey.

This delicious dressing is a great make ahead side dish for your Thanksgiving.

Make your holiday special with this hearty Louisiana Rice Dressing recipe.