Summer Peach Crisp 

 w/Cherries & Amaretto

Summer fruit makes the best crisps & crumbles. For this one we use peaches & cherries.

Peel the peaches, then cut the fruit into thin slices. Try to find Freestone peaches for easier peeling.

You can slice the cherries w/a sharp knife & remove the pits, or use a cherry pitter.

Soak dried cherries in almond flavored Amaretto liqueur.

Make the cinnamon crumble topping by mixing dry ingredients & cutting in butter.

Stir the oatmeal and sliced almonds into the peach crisp topping.

Combine the fruit with butter & amaretto slurry in a cast iron skillet.

Add the oatmeal almond crumble topping & bake the peach cherry crisp.

This summer dessert is amazing with juicy peaches, sweet cherries and a hint of amaretto.

Homemade peach cherry crisp is even better with a scoop of vanilla ice cream.