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U.S. News and World Reports: Best Panini Presses of 2024; Quoted.

First For Women 12/2/2023 Orzo Is the Tasty Rice Swap With 75% More Protein — And It Couldn’t Be Easier to Make; Quoted.

Woman’s World 11/30/2023 Escarole and Beans Soup Is Pure Comfort in a Bowl — Easy Recipe Preps in Just 20 Minutes Featuring Sausage Escarole and Bean Soup.

Woman’s World 8/21/2023 Fluffernutter: 4 Delicious New Ways to Enjoy This Salty Sweet Treat. Featured recipe Ritz Fluffernutter Cookies.

Southern Living 05/31/2023 How Often Should You Replace Your Food Storage Containers? Quoted.

HuffPost 12/8/2022 How to Keep Perishable Food Fresh For As Long As Possible, Quoted.

UK Prime News 12/21/2022 How To Keep Perishable Food Fresh For As Long As Possible, Quoted.

Epoch Times 12/26/2022 Why and How You Should Preserve Your Family Recipes – Starting Now. Quoted

Food and Wine 12/7/2022 The Best Measuring Cups and Spoons for 2022, Quoted.

Food and Wine 11/5/2022 – The 7 Best Kitchen Tongs of 2022, Quoted.

EatThis, Not That 11/4/2022 11 Old-Fashioned Thanksgiving Traditions You’ll Only Find in the South, Quoted.

Eat This, Not That 10/19/2022 12 Chefs’ Secrets for Making the Perfect Soup, Quoted.

Authority Magazine 10/4/2022 Self Care Routines of Busy Entrepreneurs, Interview.

Mashed: 4/8/2022 The Creamy Liqueur You Need To Try Adding To Your Chocolate Chip Cookies, Quoted.

Men’s Journal: Oatmeal Chews

Mashed 8/13/2021: Taco Bell Chalupa: What To Know Before Ordering, Quoted.

Go Solo – 9/29/2022 Feel Confident In Your Own Kitchen, Interview.

Dishing Podcast 12/7/2017 Interview with Elaine Benoit. 5/24/15 Interview;  featured recipe: Smoked Salmon Sliders.

The Hartford 5/2/23: Four Healthy Summer Recipes to Try This Season, featured recipes: Chicken Stuffed Peppers, and Summertime Chopped Veggie Salad.

Parade: 3/9/23 Easy Swordfish Recipes, featured recipe: Cilantro Lime Grilled Swordfish Kebab – 3/16/23 Shepherd’s Pie Recipes For St. Patrick’s Day.

Edible Arrangements: 10/24/2022 Valentine’s Day Dessert Ideas.

Mashed: 6/13/2022 Amazing Ways To Use Cranberries (That Your Guests Will Actually Love) Featured Post: Cranberry Pistachio Tea Cookies.

Mashed: 5/26/2022 – 16 Types Of Vinegar And When To Use Them. Featured Post: Quick & Easy Champagne Vinaigrette.

The Pioneer Woman – 2/16/2022 25 Best Mardi Gras Foods to Celebrate Like You’re in the Big Easy

Salon.comA 4-ingredient salted butter caramel sauce to slather on everything Featured Post: Balsamic Caramel Sauce.

NBC News15 protein-packed breakfasts that can help curb cravings Featured Post: Farmer’s Market Open Faced Sandwich.

SheKnows 10/29/2021 – 34 Irresistible Chicken Wing Recipes You Need for Your Super Bowl Sunday Celebration, Featured Post: Amazing Hatch Chile Grilled Chicken Wings Recipe.

Country Living – 9/20/2021 34 Impressively Easy Ways to Cook This Year’s Christmas Ham Featured Post: Homemade Ham with Brown Sugar Mustard Glaze.

Cosmopolitan 17 Halloween Punch Ideas that Prove Just How Much You Love October 31, Featured Post: Swamp Gasses Halloween Punch.

Well and Good10 Low-Sodium Snacks RDs Always Recommend for Healthy Mid-Day Munching Featured Post: Crispy Spiced Chickpeas.

Oprah Daily – 8/3/2021 75 Best Fall Desserts Featured Posts: Grandma Marie’s Chocolate Cake with Maple Icing & Southern Bourbon Caramel Pecan Sauce. – 7/27/2021 Fabulous Seafood Pastas To Fancy Up Your Summer Meals Featured Post: Lobster Mac and Cheese.

HealthlineHow to Eat Passion Fruit: 5 Easy Steps Featured Recipe: Passion Fruit Tartlets. – 7/21/2021 Here Are 25 Extremely Refreshing Cold Soups That’ll Help You Beat The Heat Featured Post: Chilled Vidalia Onion Soup.

PureWow – 7/10/2021 9 Types of Shellfish That Are Easier to Cook at Home Than You Think Featured Post: Pan-Fried Oysters Oreganata. – 6/2/2021 40 Hot & Hearty Sandwiches to Satisfy Your Cravings Featured Post: Classic Cheesesteak Sandwich.

J. McLaughlin – 06/08/2021 6 Summer Fruit Crisps and Crumbles Featured Post: Blueberry Lemon Almond Crisp.

Oprah Daily – 5/7/2021 25 Best 4th of July Cocktails Featured Post: Red White and Blue Sangria.

Greatist – 4/20/2021 What’s Chantilly Cream, and Why Is It So Yummy? Featured Post: Quick and Easy Mixed Berry Parfait with Chantilly Cream.

Oprah Daily – 4/2/2021 This Summer Cookout Food Menu Will Take Your Backyard BBQ to the Next Level Featured Post: Citrusy Grilled Oysters. – 1/22/2021 25 Mardi Gras Food Ideas To Celebrate At Home Featured Post: Muffuletta Sandwich.

BuzzFeed25 Micro-Thanksgiving Main Dishes That’ll Keep Things Low-Key Featured Post: Apple Stuffed Turkey Tenderloin.

Men’s Health 09/28/2020 – 39 of the Best Keto Breakfast Ideas to Power Up Your Morning, Featured Posts: Cheesy Broccoli Frittata and Crustless Veggie Quiche.

Pure Wow – 5/23/2020 How To Make A Strawberry Daiquiri Featured Post: Guava Banana Rum Daiquiri. – 4/52020 17 Dessert Recipes That Give a Boring Bag of Rice a Sweet Makeover Featured Post: Pina Colada Rice Pudding.

HuffPost: 12/10/2019 International Christmas Potluck Ideas That Don’t Involve Turkey Featured Post: Asian Rice Salad

WeWork – New York Chefs Prove How Delicious Zero Waste Can Be At James Beard Dinner Featured Post: Scraps Vegetable Broth.

INSIDER: 10 foods you should be buying if you want to save money, Featured Post: Chicken Stock from Rotisserie Chicken.

Healthline: 06/25/2019 Passion Fruit 101; Everything You Need To Know, Featured Post: Passion Fruit Tartlets

SheKnows 2/22/2019 – 10 Authentic Mexican Appetizers for Your Cinco de Mayo Celebration, Featured Post: Authentic Mexican Chalupa.

NBC News 06/12/2018 – 15 protein-packed breakfasts that can help curb cravings, Featured Post: Farmer’s Market Open Faced Sandwich.

Chow Hound – 6/2018 Peanut Butter Magic Shell. – 10/24/2017 – 13 Hot, Hearty Sandwich Recipes to Indulge in This Winter Featured Post: Sweet Black Pepper Grilled Chicken Hoagies.

Southern Kitchen – 8/21/2017 Country Ham and Peach Bites    Original content and photographs exclusively for this publication. – 8/15/2017 13 Dinner Recipes That Use A Bottle Of Sherry Featured Post: Creamy Lobster Bisque.

Oprah Daily – 6/7/2021 This Summer Cookout Food Menu Will Take Your Backyard BBQ to the Next Level Featured Post: Citrusy Grilled Oysters.

Country Living: 15 Apple Tart Recipes You’ll Instantly Fall For Featured Post: Apple Frangipane Tart. – 6/1/2017 30 Cool And Easy Dinners To Make Every Night In June Featured Post: Sweet Corn and Crab Salad.

Honest Cooking: 2/4/2017 Authentic New England Clam Chowder.

Honest Cooking: 1/11/2017 Gluten-Free Blueberry Muffins.

Honest Cooking:  1/4/2017 Brie and Pear Pockets.

Men’s Fitness: 12/31/2016 – Article: 11 Healthy Recipes That Use Alcohol  Featured Post: Bourbon Marinated Flank Steak.

Honest Cooking: 12/27/2016Sicily-Inspired Brown Rice Salad with Sun-Dried Tomatoes.

Huffington Post Canada – 12/20/2016 Article: 28 Delicious Christmas Dinner Ideas  Featured Post: Holiday Green Beans. – October 7, 2016 17 Sweet and Spicy Cocktails to Enjoy After You’ve Gone Apple Picking Featured Post: Bourbon Apple Cider Cocktail.

Men’s Fitness: – 9/25/2016 Article: Low Carb Breakfast Recipes – Under 16 Carbs Featured Post: Mango Berry Protein Smoothie.

SideChef: – 9/1/2016  Interview: Blogger Spotlight. – 8/26/2016 14 Herbaceous Cocktails Full of Fall Flavors Featured Post: Bourbon Apple Cider Cocktail..

SheKnows: – 8/25/2016  Article: The Creamy Ambrosial Soup No One Will Ever Believe Is Vegan Featured Post: Chilled Vidalia Onion Soup.

BlogHer: – 8/11/2016  Article: The Best Cold Soup This Summer Featured Post: Chilled Vidalia Onion Soup.

Honest Cooking: – 7/14/2016  Article: Pineapple Mint Mojito with a Chili-Lime Rim.

Honest Cooking: – 7/12/2016 Article: Dairy Free Almond Panna Cotta.

Honest Cooking: – 7/1/16 Summer Eats Grilled Pancetta and Melon Pizza.

Men’s Fitness – 5/27/2016 25 Best High Protein Egg Recipes for All Day Breakfast  Featured Post: Egg, Cheese and Avocado Sandwich.

Better Homes and Gardens – 5/18/2016  10 Weird Meat Marinades That Work Wonders Featured Post: Oven Roasted Harissa Chicken.

Huffington Post Canada:   – 5/5/2016Article Cinco De Mayo Foods: Cooking Tips From Los Colibris’ Chef Elia Herrera:  Featured Post: Spicy Cucumber Kiwi Margarita.

Men’s Fitness: – 4/23/2016Article 10 Powerful Plant Based Protein Recipes  Featured Post: Edamame and Quinoa Salad.

Huffington Post Canada – 4/18/2016  Article Three Things You Didn’t Know Olive Oil Can Fix  Featured Post: Curried Mango Dressing.

Men’s Fitness: – 2/28/2016 Article 20 Muscle-Building Recipes For Men Who Love Food!  Featured Post: Asian Pork Dumplings.

Buzz Feed – 2/21/16 Article: 24 Mind Blowing Casseroles That’ll Change the Way You Eat Dinner.  Featured Post: Spinach and Mushroom Strata.

One Green Planet 2/23/16 Creamy Asparagus and Sunchoke Soup.

One Green Planet: 2/4/16 Truffled Cream of Broccoli Soup.

Honest Cooking: 1/6/16 Butternut Fritters with Lemon Chevre.

Domino: 12/10/15 50 Quiche Recipes for Christmas Morning  Featured Post: Loaded Baked Potato Quiche.

BuzzFeed: 12/5/15: Here’s What You Should Eat For Dinner This Week Featured Post: HomeStyle Pot Roast.

Men’s Fitness:  12/2/15: 10 Ridiculously Healthy Holiday Appetizers That Any Guy Can Make Featured Post: Manchego and Almond Stuffed Dates. 11/20/15: Skinny Casseroles to Whip Up This Winter.  Featured Post: Cauliflower and Mushroom Gratin.

One Green Planet: 11/16/15 Featured Post: Southern Pecan Caramel Sauce.

Men’s Fitness: 11/7/15 Best Healthy Lean Beef Recipes!  Featured Post: Southwestern Steak Salad.

One Green Planet: 10/27/15 Featured Post:  Jeweled Yellow Rice with Pignoli Nuts and Golden Raisins.

Men’s Fitness: 10/20/15 10 Insanely Hot (Healthy) Recipes to Help You Lose Weight!  Featured post: Charred Salsa Verde.

HuffPost Canada: 10/7/15   20- Yummy Ideas for Vegetarians at Thanksgiving:  Featured recipe: Cauliflower and Mushroom Gratin.

BlogHer:  10/2/15 Featured Post: 20-Minute Pomodoro Sauce.

Honest Cooking: 9/25/15 Article: Mediterranean Meatballs with Tzatziki Sauce.

Domino: 9/25/15 Featured Post: Peach and Bourbon Sour.

One Green Planet: 9/24/15 Featured Post: Green Bean and Wild Rice Salad.

One Green Planet: 9/15/15 Featured Post: Tomatoes Provencal.

Men’s Fitness: 9/15/15: 50 Healthiest Recipes Known to Man – Featured #13 Green and Orange Detox Smoothie.

BlogHer: 9/14/15 Featured Post: Tangy Italian Black Rice Salad.

Men’s Fitness: 9/8/15 10 Insanely Hot (Healthy) Recipes To Help You Lose Weight featuring Charred Salsa Verde

One Green Planet: 9/3/15 Featured Post: Curried Carrot and Parsnip Soup.

Men’s Fitness: 8/21/15 Food Porn You Can Actually Eat! featuring Tequila Pork with Tropical Salsa.

BlogHer: 8/11/15 Featured Post: You’ve Been Making French Fries The Wrong Way!

Pair Magazine: 6/29/15 Article Pineapple Mojito with a Chili-Lime Rim. 6/26/15 10 Diet Friendly Frozen Dessert Recipes featuring Peanut Butter Banana Shake.

BuzzFeed: 6/15/15 These 26 Recipes Will Make You Fall In Love With Kale featuring: Orange and Green Detox Smoothie.

Honest Cooking: 6/4/15 Article Grilled Shrimp and Polenta.

Paleo Grubs -5/21/14 21 Mouthwatering Pork Loin Recipes featured recipe: Dry-Rubbed Pork Tenderloin.

Honest Cooking: 4/30/15 Article Tequila Marinated Pork with Pineapple Salsa.

Honest Cooking: 12/3/14 Article Spiced Pork Rillettes.

Honest Cooking: 10/29/14 Article Sweet Potato Gnocchi.

Paleo Grubs  8/5/14 18 Award-Worthy Vegetarian Paleo Recipes Featured Post: Roasted Rutabaga, Pistachios and Golden Raisins. – 4/29/14 Fantastic Fruit Salad Recipes (With Great Dressings, Too!) Featured Post: Tropical Fruit Salad with Sweet ‘n Spicy Dressing.

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