2019 Food Trends & Food Finds

2019 Food Trends and Food Finds

The Summer Fancy Foods Show is SO BIG… how big is it???  I had to split it up into two posts and it still doesn’t encompass all of the latest food trends showcased at the event. My food finds included richly cured Virginia ham, hand-crafted bbq seasoning and spices, avocado oil for cooking, heritage pastas, artisan marshmallow fluff, and Japanese-style ice creams. Check out the rest of the 2019 Food Trends from the show…

Ongoing Food Trends – Keto

Food finds: Keto cereal.

Catalina Crunch – Keto Friendly Cereal

This healthy, Keto-friendly cereal is custom made for anyone following a Keto lifestyle or has been diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes (like the founder of this company who was diagnosed at 17 and couldn’t find anything to satisfy his chocolate cereal cravings).

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I am neither a diabetic, nor Keto follower — and yet, I found myself going back to this  chocolatey treat again and again. These cocoa infused bites aren’t sugary sweet, but still manage to impart the guilty pleasure of a chocolatey snack. Catalina Crunch doesn’t disappoint in the crunch department either. The sturdy cereal bites are so crisp and satisfying,  I literally couldn’t keep my hand out of the bag.

With 8 grams of protein and low in carbohydrates, this gluten free, grain free cereal is a is a great breakfast option whether you’re following a Keto diet or not. For Keto followers, they recommend serving this breakfast with almond milk because it contains zero carbs.

Catalina Crunch Flavors: 

  • Cinnamon Toast
  • Maple Waffle
  • Dark Chocolate

Click on my affiliate link  and save 10% off your order with the CODE: GARLICANDZEST_10.


As an avid home cook, I appreciate the enticing array of seasonings and flavorings in this year’s food finds. From avocado oil for cooking and infused olive oils to creative bbq seasonings and other blended spices, online options as well as in-store, abound. These latest food trends, will elevate your culinary imagination.


pearled sea salt in a glass vial.

Borrometi Sea Salt

“True unrefined sea salt is an essential concentrate of sea water and condensation of sunlight, defined as white gold and light of the earth” – how romantic is that? Borrometti Sea Salt is harvested from the salt pans in Sicily. The best salt is selected, is purified and packaged.

There Are 3 Categories Of Use For Sea Salt:

  • Cooking
  • Industry
  • Water

Obviously, we were interested in their cooking and finishing salts. We sampled Borrometi “pearl” salts.  jewel-like finishing salts that add crunchy texture and clean, brisk, pure salt flavor to any number of dishes. I received a small vial of this salt and since they’re not distributing it (yet) across the U.S., I’m hoarding these few pearls until they do.


Mediterranean bbq seasoning blends from the Spice Lab.

The Spice Lab

Tell me why I had to go all the way to New York City to meet a company that’s literally right down the street from me? The Spice Lab, located in Pompano Beach, Florida has a jaw-dropping selection of spices, salts, seasonings, teas and sugars. I received some “sampler boxes”  including the Mediterranean and Barbecue Seasoning Collections.

Mediterranean Seasoning Collection:

  • Sicilian Blend: Salt, Basil, Red Pepper Flakes, Marjoram, Oregano, Dried Garlic & Spices.
  • Sun-Dried Tomato: Salt, Sun-Dried Tomato, Dried Garlic, Chili Pepper, Sesame Seeds & Minced Green Onion.
  • Mediterranean Citrus: Salt, Dried Garlic, Black Pepper, Oregano, Coriander, Thyme, Dried Onion, Spices, Lemon Oil.
  • French Onion & Garlic: Salt, Dried Garlic & Onion, Chili Flakes, Spices.

I used the French Onion & Garlic to make a quick, easy cheese spread (above)  to enjoy with crackers or as a base for sandwiches. It was amazing the depth that the herb and spice blend lent to plain cream cheese. In fact, it didn’t last the afternoon with my tasters scooping up every last morsel.

Additionally, I augmented a simple vinaigrette with the Sicilian Blend which added a lively punch to a plain kale salad and tasters loved the Sun-Dried Tomato on grilled chicken breasts.


BBQ seasoning blends from the spice lab.

Barbecue Seasoning Collection

In the Barbecue Seasoning Collection, we received:

  • Sweet Rib Rub: Demerara Sugar, salt, dehydrated vegetables, spices, paprika.
  • Bad To The Bone: Salt, citric acid, spices, dried onion & garlic, paprika, brown sugar, citrus oil & cornstarch.
  • Smoky Pecan: Sugar, salt, brown sugar, spices, paprika, natural smoke flavor, garlic powder, onion powder, lemon oil, natural flavors.
  • Ancho Chili + Coffee Rub: Demerara sugar, sea salt, spices, dehydrated garlic & onion, paprika, coffee, natural hickory smoke flavor.


rib eye steak with ancho chili and coffee rub, a 2019 food trend.

We used the Ancho Chili + Coffee Rub on a rib eye steak. My grill-master coated the steak with seasoning about 45 minutes before grilling so the flavors could penetrate — and wow! The steak was well seasoned using only their spice rub and a pat of butter at the end. The coffee and chili infusion made this rib eye richer and meatier with a light, sweet, smoky flavor that enhanced the prime cut.

In addition, we tried the Smoky Pecan on grilled chicken breasts and tasters really enjoyed the slightly sweet and smoky flavor it added. Be sure to check out all of their unique, gourmet blends and order online.


Flavored Avocado Oils For cooking.

Neomega Nutritionals

Judit Beres, driven by the need to provide more healthy, clean food options for her family, and the food system at large, has introduced her own line of avocado oils for cooking, Neomega Nutritionals.  Avocado oil  is a neutral tasting, high heat tolerant and good for you — oil with 70% monounsaturated fat.

I love the healthy aspect of Neomega Avocado Oils, but it’s the vibrant flavorings that had me sold. The variety of flavors will punch up your marinades, salad dressings or even a simple piece of grilled chicken or fish.


Garlic Infused Avocado Oil for cooking.

Avocado Oils For Cooking

I used the Garlic Avocado Oil for a richly flavored Mediterranean dressing augmented with a few herbs. The Garlic infused oil had a nutty, unmistakable garlic flavor that permeated the dressing. It would also be wonderful in a homemade aioli to go with a piece of grilled fish or to slather on a sandwich.

The Chili Pepper Oil has a slow-spreading, but persistent heat that our tasters loved and suggested it would be good for marinades and as a pick me up to grilled vegetables. Indeed.

Basil Oil and Rosemary Oil had rich herbal flavors with an almost minty finish to both and would be delicious in dressings and marinades or even drizzled over hot popcorn.


Pouring ginger orange turmeric avocado oil into a dressing.

Avocado Oil In Homemade Dressings

The standout for our tasters was the Ginger Turmeric Orange. This lively blend was bright and zingy. The ginger and orange complimented each other and the turmeric was evident in the Avocado Oil as it colored the bowl and spoon with its signature sunny hue.


Using avocado oils for cooking in 2019 food finds.

The Ginger Turmeric Orange was the star of the dressing for this baby kale, citrus and avocado salad. Tasters loved the bright, orange kick of the dressing which enhanced, but didn’t overpower.

Browse the entire selection of Nutramega Avocado Oils and order your favorite Avocado Oils from Nutramega online.


Food Finds - flavored hot sauce.

Hank Sauce

I love a zippy hot sauce — and this one comes with a good story to boot… starting with three college roommates (Hank, Matt and Josh).  The guys were attending Flagler College in St. Augustine, Florida and Hank had been making “the sauce” for his own use. When Matt was assigned a graphic design project, his idea of making a logo for the sauce, started the friends on a new venture.  Hank Sauce was born and their business which has since taken them up the coast to Sea Isle, New Jersey, is the happy result of that graphic design project and the friends’ collaboration.

We took home a bottle of Cilanktro and have added it to everything from fish dip to Bloody Marys to our morning eggs. With a tangy, vinegar start, this cilantro based sauce has some serious kick and leaves a pleasant tingle on your lips.


2019 Food Finds - hot sauce on my morning omelette.

Hank Sauce is available in these spicy iterations: 

  • Herb Infused: The Original Hank Sauce was created to enhance the flavor of Hank’s favorite foods.
  • Camouflage: Sweet, Tangy & Zesty, it’s accompanied by a “hidden heat” that comes through moments after the initial sweetness.
  • Cilanktro: A hefty dose of FRESH cilantro creates a flavorful blend that mixes perfectly into Southwest and Mexican style foods.
  • Hank’s Heat: Use Hank’s Heat to spice up your favorite foods while adding excellent flavor as well.
  • Honey Habanero: Fresh habañero and honey create an extremely pleasant, spicy combo that makes it tough to put the bottle down.
  • IceMan: They teamed up with Little Water Distillery to create a whiskey infused habanero sauce unlike anything you’ve tried before.

You can find Hank Sauce in fine grocers across the East and Midwest or order your own online.


Extracts and flavorings are more food finds from the fancy foods show.

Southern Flavorings

In the extracts and flavorings category, we found Southern Flavorings, a line of natural and artificial extracts, food colorings and flavor emulsions to enhance your baking.

To sample, we received the Pure Madagascar Vanilla Extract, Natural Maple Flavoring and Artificial Cherry to try.

Aromas & Tasting Notes

  •  Pure Vanilla Extract:  had a rich vanilla aroma and just a few drops transformed a white hot chocolate into a frothy, vanilla-kissed splendor (I turned down the A/C for that one).
  • Cherry Flavoring: is very cherry in aroma and reminds me of dark cherry LifeSavers. I haven’t had the opportunity to bake with it yet, but will soon…


using maple flavoring for muffin batter.

The Natural Maple Flavoring is potent and is what I used for these amazing Maple Walnut Muffins. Not only did the Natural Maple infuse the muffins with warm maple flavor, the deep burnished color also tinted the batter and gave them a comforting, rustic look.


homemade maple walnut muffins.

A Huge Variety Of Flavorings & Extracts

This is only a fraction of the available extracts from Southern Flavorings, so if you’re a baking fiend, you’ll definitely want to check out their offerings online.


T2 is an Australian tea company and another 2019 Food Trends feature.


Born and brewed in Melbourne, Australia, the folks at T2 get a kick from turning the tea world on its head. First introduced in 1996, T2 has a fresh take on tea with lines of Black Teas, Chai, Oolong, Green Matcha, White Rooibos & Honeybush Herbal and Floral Fruit Teas. T2 sells loose teas and teas in small silk pouches which are really lovely.

A Sampling Of Teas

For me, tea is more about the aroma than the taste, because that’s what hits you first and gears up your palate for the first sip. We sampled the English Breakfast, Lemongrass & Ginger as well as China Jasmine. Each had its own unique aromas and flavors, but the Lemongrass & Ginger won our taste test for its lemony, floral notes and delicate ginger aroma. The China Jasmine had a soft bouquet of subtle floral aromas and the Jasmine was apparent, but not overpowering.

Check out the T2 website for more information and to order your own.


Monocultivar Olive Oils are favorite Food Finds from the show.


I almost don’t know where to begin because of all of the magnificent products that we received in this package… from Italian Extra Virgin Olive Oils, to flavor-infused olive oils, beautiful Italian tomatoes (fresh chopped, puree and paste) and a bevy of artisanal pastas. Let’s start with the olive oils.

Food Finds: Monocultivar Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Monini’s 3 types of Award Winning Monocultivar Extra Virgin Olive Oils are authentically Italian, yet each is uniquely its own. Blindfolded tasters were amazed at the different flavor profiles from each of these oils.

  • Nocellara  – is very fragrant, deep and rich with a distinctive golden-green hue.
  • Frantoio – is spicy, rich and grassy – a delicious finishing oil.
  • Coratina – had a lighter aroma than the Nocellara, but a bolder flavor and finish that clings and lasts on the tongue.


More popular 2019 Food Trends - Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Monini Organic is rich and fruity, you can almost taste the sunlight in the bottle. This finishing oil would be wonderful drizzled over grilled fish with a squeeze of myer lemon and a few fresh herbs. Keep the preparations simple to let the grassy, rich notes of the oil shine through.


Flavored Olive Oil Food Finds

2019 Food Trends: Flavored Extra Virgin Olive Oils

Monini’s flavored Extra Virgin Olive Oils are certified organic and both the oils and aromas come from organic farming.

Lemon – A bright, citrusy finishing oil for salads, fish or risotto, the lemon flavor is natural and clean and doesn’t compete with the richness of the Extra Virgin Olive Oil, but rather enhances it.

Basil – A truly remarkable representation of fresh basil in this Extra Virgin Olive Oil. It’s  unadulterated and the fresh, aromatic herb really shines through. If you were a caprese salad, you’d want to bathe in this.

Garlic and Chili – The aroma hints at the deep garlic and chili flavors. I tasted roasted garlic on my tongue first, followed by a warm, subtle but not overpowering  heat that spread across my palate. This is what you want in a spicy pasta dish, drizzled over grilled meats or swirled into an unassuming vegetable soup for a bit of a kick.


Truffle Oil Food Finds.

Truffle Flavored Olive Oil

White Truffle – The truffle shines through in the aroma and rich flavor of this oil. We used it on a mushroom bruschetta to compound the earthiness of the ingredients. Tasters LOVED the play on flavors in this crispy grilled bite. We used a bit of strained tomatoes (from one of the samples below) as a base with a piece of fresh buffala mozzarella and pan roasted mushrooms. The drizzle of white truffle oil over the grilled bread was eye-popping. One taster commented that they liked the nuance of the truffle oil and how it didn’t overpower the rest of the ingredients.

Source Monini Olive Oils near you via their website or order online.


Mushroom Truffle Bruschetta

De Rica

In the same package as the amazing Italian olive oils, were several intensely rich and flavorful Organic Italian Tomato products from De Rica. The Finely Chopped Tomatoes, packaged in a glass jar for freshness, tasted bright and summery. They are perfect tossed with a bit of warm pasta and a drizzle of Basil Oil or the Garlic & Chili. Finished with some grilled shrimp it made for an easy summer meal that our tasters appreciated.

The Organic Tomato Paste comes in a tube (the way it should, so you only use what you need and its easily sealed back up. This rich, double concentrated tomato paste will add just the right amount of umami in your meaty winter stews or to enrich your favorite Sunday sauce.


Premium tomato products.

The De Rica Organic Strained Tomatoes played a feature roll in the seared scallop dish (below) with another artisanal Italian product, fettucine by La Molisana.

La Molisana

One of the biggest pasta factories in Italy, La Molisana has been making its quality  pastas with authenticity and passion for 4 generations. The proof is in the pudding… um, pasta. 


sampling of dry artisan pastas

Artisanal Pasta – A Top Food Find

Tasters were impressed with the quality of the pasta.  In fact, one diner (who normally isn’t a fan of pasta dishes) commented that it tasted fresh and not dried, with a toothsome bite.  La Molisana makes truly exceptional pasta products. We received several different varieties including:

  • Spaghetti
  • Fettuccine
  • Penne Rigate
  • Lumache Rigate
  • Fusilli

We used the fettuccine in this heavenly scallop dish…


grilled scallops over fettucine pomodoro.

Seared Scallop Fettucini Pomodoro

For my Seared Scallop Fettucine Pomodoro, I used a bit of everything that I received from my Italian swag bag — a bit of Monini Organic Extra Virgin olive oil, De Rica Strained Organic Tomatoes and of course the La Molisana Fettuccini. The sauce was ready in under 5 minutes. I cloaked the pasta in the rich seafood-pomodoro sauce and topped it with seared scallops and a few shaves of Parmigiano Reggiano.  Tasters raved about the perfect al dente pasta and the flavorful layers in the sauce. This meal took only 20 minutes to prepare from start to finish.

Check out all of their pastas on their website, or order directly from Amazon {this is an affiliate link which means if you buy something, you don’t pay any extra and I get a few cents to buy more pasta ?}.


Surryano ham is cured Virginia ham, in 2019 Food trends.

Edwards Virginia Smokehouse

I admit to having a bias towards Edwards Virginia Smokehouse, not only because it’s a family run business, but because I grew up in Virginia and Edwards ham was as ubiquitous as the oysters and blue crab that came out of the Chesapeake Bay. I was literally “giddy” when I had the opportunity to meet with representatives of Edwards Smokehouse at the Fancy Foods Show and sample some of their dry cured hams.


charcuterie board of surryano ham - favorite food finds of the fancy foods show.

Surryano Ham

Back home, my tasters sampled the Surryano ham, which is dry cured, very thinly sliced, buttery and deeply flavorful. To look at it, you’d think this is the South’s answer to Italian prosciutto or Spanish serrano ham, however, it has its own very distinctive Southern ham flavor. It’s rich and funky (in a good way) We displayed and sampled this uniquely Virginia taste as part of a charcuterie board. Tasters loved the bold flavor that pairs so well with a bit of sweet summer melon.


Cured Virginia Ham is sliced into 2mm thick pieces for country ham you can eat with eggs.

Country Ham

Edward’s Country Ham is dry cured, hickory smoked and aged for 90 days. The ham slices come sealed in a cryovacced casing to keep it fresh. These thinly sliced (only 2 mm thick) pieces of country ham just needed a few seconds in a hot skillet to warm them before becoming the best part of this breakfast.


Cured Virginia ham and eggs.

Cured Virginia Ham

Much saltier than regular grocery store hams you may be familiar with, country ham is meant to be enjoyed with other, more neutral items, like eggs and grits. These country ham slices  also pair very well with my grandmother’s Angel Flake biscuits, which don’t contain any salt and therefore are the ideal conduit for transporting the tender ham to your mouth.

Check out Edwards complete line of smokehouse products including bacon, sausage and more ham on the Edwards Smokehouse website and order your own.


On To Desserts!

From indulgent to guilt-free with some awesome twists and turns along the way… These 2019 Food Trends in desserts will delight your sweet tooth.


hot ice cream - favorite dessert food finds.

Hot Scream – The Spicy Ice Cream

In a sea of ice cream offerings, Hot Scream has come to the table with something decidedly different. Hot Scream is premium vanilla ice cream marbled with spicy veins of heat. The balance of sweet and spice is a delicious play on your tastebuds. Scott and I both tried a spoonful at the Fancy Foods Show and were so into that little jeuge of spice that I knew I wanted more.


The Heat Is In The Swirl

Remember, the ice cream base is a rich vanilla. Consequently,  it’s only in the flavor swirl that you’ll get the heat. I recommend letting it melt on your tongue instead of inhaling it like a Hoover vacuum, that way the heat stays in your mouth and doesn’t set up residence in the back of your throat. That said, it’s not overly fiery,  with just a pleasant buzz that lingers on the tongue, even after the last bit has gone down your gullet.

Sweet Heat Flavors Include:

  • Strawberry Swirl
  • Chocolate Swirl
  • Ginger Swirl
  • Salted Caramel Swirl
  • Espresso Swirl
  • Black Raspberry Swirl
  • Peach Swirl

and coming soon…

  • Mango Swirl
  • Pumpkin Swirl

Hot Scream – A Favorite Food Find

We sampled the Black Raspberry Swirl and Salted Caramel Swirl and both flavors got two thumbs up from our tasters. The Black Raspberry Swirl is tangy and sweet with a distinctive raspberry flavor and the Salted Caramel Swirl doesn’t disappoint with a rich ribbon of caramel.  Both flavors have that signature spicy finish.


2019 Food Trends include sweet heat -- scoop of raspberry swirl hot scream ice cream

Get Yours

Hot Scream — The Spicy Ice Cream is available in select locations in the South and Northeast, check their website for availability near you.


organic marshmallow creme is one of my favorite food finds from the show.

Toonie Moonie Organics

Let me begin by saying that none of our tasters was particularly fond of marshmallows or marshmallow fluff, until now.  Toonie Moonie marshmallow creme has real depth and flavor. Instead of being fortified with stabilizers and gums to hold that impossible fluff at mile-high levels, Toonie Moonie’s, creamy, light, fluffy confection is made with organic, pronounceable ingredients and comes in a 7-ounce tub. Upon opening, I gave it a stir and realized how completely different this product is from any other marshmallow fluff.


marshmallow creme with the blowtorch treatment!


Tasting directly from the jar was good, but to truly get a sense of how unique Toonie Moonie is, I topped a dish of ice cream with some cherry sauce and a scoop of their marshmallow creme – and took a blowtorch to it. Oh-Ma-Gawd! You WANT THIS. In fact, our tasters were clamoring for more — especially after the kitchen torch treatment. The marshmallow creme is oozy, fluffy and coats your tongue with a mild, almost nougat-y flavor that our tasters couldn’t get enough of. I hope they’re sending me more… we’re almost out.

From Toonie Moonie Organics, this artisan Marshmallow Creme is worth seeking out. You can find it in specialty shops and restaurants in the New York area or online.


sugar free belgian chocolate.

Skinny Me Belgian Chocolate

What’s not to like here? Skinny Me is a deeply rich, smooth melting, dark chocolate that happens to be sugar free. The assorted blend of individually wrapped singles included Almond, Bold Dark, Mint, Sea Salt, Strawberry and Dark Chocolate Squares. Our tasters loved the authentic melt and mouth feel of the chocolate. Because it’s sugar free and sweetened with Stevia, you won’t fall into that sugar coma, but you will satiate your chocolate cravings. Our tasters overall favorite in the assorted box were the Mint and Almond flavors.


sugar free peanut butter truffles

Sugar Free Peanut Butter Truffles – A Great Food Find

There are few things that can light up my husband’s eyes like truffles — especially peanut butter truffles. Skinny Me’s individually wrapped confections gave a sense of indulgence without the sugar buzz that usually hits him after the fact. He enjoyed the subtle peanut flavor and noted that because it was a dark chocolate, you had to wait for it to melt to fully appreciate the flavor on your tongue. I concur.


sugar free dark chocolate

Belgian Chocolate Bars

Bold Dark Belgian Chocolate Bars are rich, barely sweet bites of chocolate that dissolve slowly on the tongue. We enjoyed a few squares with a bit of red wine after dinner and enjoyed the interplay of the dark chocolate with berry notes of wine. Skinny Me’s sugar free chocolates give a delicious variety of options, whether you’re following a sugar free diet or not and they’re Keto-friendly, Gluten-Free and have low net carbs compared to other luxury chocolates.

Purchase yours online.


From the Sugar Bowl Bakery, their 2019 Food Trends from Madeleines to Brownie Bites

Sugar Bowl Bakery

You may be familiar with this family owned business — Sugar Bowl Bakery has been around since 1984 when the Ly brothers bought a neighborhood coffee shop. Their pastries were so exemplary, customers prodded them to sell their wares nationwide.


Madeleines with a cup of tea.

The Ly Brothers

I met with one of the Ly brothers at the Fancy Foods Show and he shared his family background, having emigrated to the U.S. in 1979 from Vietnam, their story is a true American dream. But it’s their confections that won our hearts. The Madeleines are individually wrapped tender sponge cake that are delicious with a morning cup of coffee or afternoon tea..With that classic shell shape and mildly sweet flavor, these were my favorite.


Duets - Brownies and Madeleine combination a top food find.

2019 Food Trends – Blending 2 Treats

Duet Bites are a swirl of madeleines and rich chocolate brownie for the best of both worlds. The brownies have a deep fudge flavor with the lighter sponge of the madeleine resting atop. Though our tasters loved both, the ones with a more pronounced sweet tooth definitely favored the Duets.

Also available:

  • Palmiers
  • Brownies
  • Apple Fritters

Today you can find their specialty baked goods across the U.S. (and in my local Costco –  probably yours too!)


Blueberry Vanilla Mochi

My/Mo Mochi Ice Cream

We were introduced to My/Mo Mochi Ice Cream at last year’s Fancy Food Show when they were rolling out flavors like Mint Chocolate Chip, Double Chocolate and Salted Caramel. This Japanese style treat is cloaked in a pillowy rice dough, that gives Mochi its distinctive texture, which you either like, or you don’t. This year’s tasters were split on the mochi rice coating, which is soft and almost gelatinous. However, all agreed on the ice cream flavors. The latest incarnation of My/Mo Mochi Ice cream includes the same delightful Mochi bites as last year, with a fun twist. A surprise center filling. Our tasters started with the Vanilla Blueberry and all were impressed with the rich vanilla flavor and the tangy, sweet bite of fruit in the center.


2019 Food Trends - Salted Caramel Mochi Bites

Varieties of My/Mo Mochi

The Dulce De Leche Mochi with a sweet caramel- coffee ice cream and dulce de leche caramel center won over several tasters. The Mochi wrapper is flavored and colored to match the ice cream and the intense caramel center was unanimously praised.


Hot Fudge Sundae and S'Mores Mochi Bites

Tasters Favorites

The My/Mo Mochi Chocolate Sundae and S’mores varieties were the tasters overall favorites, however. Beginning with the Chocolate Sundae, this treat had a chocolate mochi wrapper filled with creamy vanilla ice cream and a maraschino cherry center.

To me, the S’mores was the most inventive combination with a chocolate mochi wrapper, graham cracker ice cream and marshmallow interior. The graham cracker ice cream was spot on, and delivered pure graham cracker flavor we remember from our childhoods. The soft marshmallow interior was a soft, sweet pop.

There are 6 treats in each box of My/Mo Mochi and you can find them in fine grocers across the country or check them out online.


That wraps up the 2019 Food Trends and Food Finds from the Summer Fancy Foods Show. If you want to see what else we reviewed check out this Preview Article and this review to catch up on all the greatest Food Innovations.

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  1. What an amazing list of ingredients that you go to try – there are definitely some I will be adding to my list! I am also seriously impressed that you made so many dishes to trial them as well.

    1. Thank you so much, Caroline — these new fancy foods are worth seeking out. Hope you can get a few for yourself.

  2. Andrea Metlika says:

    I appreciate all the research you put in to this. It’s definitely helpful and a great list.

  3. Beth Pierce says:

    Wow! This is a great list of things to try! Saving this for my next trip to the store!

  4. I am so jealous you got to go to the food show! One day I’m going to make it there. There are so many things here I would love to try (and probably will) but that Ancho Chile Coffee Rub from The Spice Lab (also right down the street from me) looks awesome on steak. I ready to heat up the grill already! And that Avocado Oil by Neomega Nutritional is right up my alley – flavored oil and my favorite avocado blended together! Yes please! And lastly, how can I not love that new Dulce de Leche flavor of My/Mo Mochi. We are always buying their products as an evening treat and now I have a new one to try. Yum!

    1. You definitely need to check out The Spice Lab, Linda! And the avocado oil is really fantastic — especially for cooking. My husband ate all the Mochi ?

  5. Jessica Formicolas says:

    I definitely want to try out that avocado oil! I love that there are so many ways to use it!