30 Easter Sunday Brunch Recipes

A picture of a berry sweet roll.

Whether you’re hosting Easter Sunday brunch or bringing a dish to your family or friends house, don’t start cooking until  you’ve seen this mouthwatering roundup.


Nothing screams brunch like an oozy, golden egg!   Check out these tempting dishes — many can be made a day ahead, so you can enjoy Easter morning with your guests!

Asparagus Shakshuka

Let’s start with an eye-popping egg dish.   This gorgeous Asparagus Shakshuka by Recipes From A Pantry takes 5 minutes to make and 40 minutes to bake!  Perfect for Easter Sunday Brunch! Winner!

 Baked Egg Boats

I love the portability aspect of these Baked Egg Boats – a handheld breakfast sammy to nibble  while you give hints to your Easter egg hunters — “You’re getting warmer!”   Recipe from A Side of Sweet.

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This Mushroom Asparagus Quiche will have your guests raving!  A perfect make-ahead dish for any occasion.

Coddled Eggs

If you’ve never made Coddled Eggs before, now’s your chance.  The easy tutorial from Wholesome Yum will make you a pro in no time!

Ratatouille Quiche

Ratatouille Quiche is loaded with spring veg and can be made the day before and reheated when you’re ready to eat – and don’t those colors scream spring?!! Make a double batch and feed a crowd for Easter Sunday brunch.  Recipe by Garlic & Zest.

Eggs Florentine

Is there anything more glorious than a perfectly poached egg atop a nest of spinach, canadian bacon plus a toasted muffin?   Douse it with hollandaise sauce and these Eggs Florentine are Easter brunch nirvana!  Recipe by What A Girl Eats.

Kimchi Eggs in Hell with Turkey Sausage and Feta

Kimchi Eggs in Hell with Turkey Sausage and Feta is an easy one-skillet remix of a classic. Instead of using pepper spices to get that fiery look and taste, this recipe uses kimchi. Not your traditional Easter brunch dish. Via Meg Is Well.

Eggs in a Bun

If you’re feeling really adventurous, fire up the barbecue for these tempting Eggs in a Bun from The BBQ Bastard.

Cheesy Tomato Egg Gratin

Tomatoes and sautéed kale are topped with soft scrambled eggs and a cheesy béchamel in this Cheesy Tomato Egg Gratin!  The ultimate comfort food by Garlic & Zest.

Asparagus and Egg Tart with Smoked Salmon

All the colors and flavors of spring are present in this beautiful Asparagus and Egg Tart with Smoked Salmon! Perfect for Easter brunch.  Shared by Living Lou.

Asparagus Brunch Pizza

This completely unexpected twist on brunch checks all the boxes!  Eggs, veggies and cheese, in pizza form!  Asparagus Brunch Pizza is ready for your Easter brunch in 30 minutes!  Recipe by Cooking with Curls.


My daughter would say that it’s not breakfast without a sweet bake or syrup-topped delicacy.  I think these mouthwatering dishes qualify!

Brown Sugar Banana French Toast Casserole

Brown Sugar Banana French Toast Casserole is filled with brown sugar caramel sauce, sliced bananas, and a brown sugar crumble topping – plus, you make it the night before!   Thanks to Celebrating Sweets for sharing her recipe!

Coconut Orange Buttermilk Pancakes

Coconut Orange Buttermilk Pancakes.  ‘Nuff said.  Check out the secret ingredient in this fluffy stack!  By Garlic & Zest

Blintz Souffle with Blueberry Sauce

Blintz Souffle with Blueberry Sauce.  Assemble the souffle ahead of time, leave it in the fridge, and pop it in the oven before company arrives. Easter brunch made easy. Recipe from What A Girl Eats.

Breakfast crepes with ricotta filling and jam.

Breakfast Crêpes with Ricotta and Apricot are a real treat for brunch (and are even delicious as a tasty Easter dessert for later. Made with whole wheat crepes and a sweetened ricotta filling. Apricot preserves loosened with a bit of brandy make a tasty filling and sauce.

 Bananas Foster French Toast Casserole

This Bananas Foster French Toast Casserole will be the best food coma you’ll ever experience!  This one reminds me of the Easter Sunday brunch they serve at Commander’s Palace in New Orleans. Don’t forget the whipped cream!  Via Certified Pastry Aficionado.

Copycat Waffle Love Liege Waffles

A Liège waffle is chewy, dense and totally unlike American waffles!  Made from a thick brioche dough and kneaded with Belgian Pearl Sugar.  Start this one the night before!  Copycat Waffle Love Liege Waffles recipe by House Of Nash Eats.

Southern-Style Chicken and Waffles

If you’re from the south, you know all about Southern-Style Chicken and Waffles.  If you’re not YOU WANT TO KNOW!   Recipe by Garlic & Zest.

Blueberry Strawberry French Toast Casserole

Blueberry Strawberry French Toast Casserole is perfect for Easter with fresh berries and lush custard-soaked bread!  Thanks to The Flavor Mosaic for sharing the recipe!

Vanilla Buckwheat Waffles

Vanilla Buckwheat Waffles are topped with Maple Pineapple — SWOON!!!  Submitted by Recipes From A Pantry

Buns and Breads

Whether you prefer a savory bread or a side of sweet, I know you’ll want a little of everything from this bread basket!!!

Chocolate and Orange Hot Cross Buns

Light, fluffy and studded with chips, Chocolate and Orange Hot Cross Buns are a must for every Easter table.  Thanks to Marsha’s Baking Addiction for sharing her recipe!

Bacon and Goat Cheese Popovers

Did someone say BACON?  Puffed and light, you’ll want these Bacon and Goat Cheese Popovers by Striped Spatula on your buffet!

Eggless Chocolate Chip Scones

I love the glaze and crunchy nut topping on these Eggless Chocolate Chip Scones!  Recipe by Mommy’s Home Cooking.

Paska Bread

With a recipe passed down from her grandmother, Kelly creates holiday memories with this egg-enriched lightly sweet Paska Bread.  Thanks to Trial and Eater for sharing her family’s favorite Easter Sunday brunch dishes!

Angel Flake Biscuits with Salty Ham

Speaking of family favorites these Angel Flake Biscuits with Salty Ham are another Easter brunch tradition and they feed a crowd!   Recipe from Garlic & Zest.

Hot Cross Buns

These Hot Cross Buns are perfection on a plate!  Recipe by Drizzld.

Cutting into the lemon glazed sweet rolls.

Mixed Berry Sweet Buns have a soft lemon-spice center rolled with a mix of fresh berries. The sweet glaze is irresistible.

New Orleans Beignets

You can’t go wrong with New Orleans Beignets!  Recipe via Rasa Malaysia.

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  1. This is one heck of a roundup. I adore this time of the year and all the bright, light flavours. Spring seems to rouse a special kind of culinary joy and curiosity in so many of us, along with an excitement about new greens and new beginnings. The way you’ve chosen some tropical delights in here (like those buckwheat waffles with maple and pineapple) also helps to bring some real exciting bursts of flavour to the mix. Wonderful collection, and wonderful work!

    1. Thank you so much, Sean! Yes, Spring does have an affect on our outlook — and our cooking! Those waffles are gorgeous, aren’t they?

  2. Now this is my kind of post! Breakfast and brunch is one of my favorite things, and there are so many lovely choices in this post! Savory, sweet, and all the in between! What a great post and I can’t wait to try some of these recipes out!

  3. I love every single one of these recipes and am always on the look out for breakfast and brunch ideas especially for Easter or for when we have over night guests or breakfast for dinner nights.

    1. Thank you — I would happily serve any of these recipes to company for any occasion. I might even just make them for myself and not tell anyone!

  4. Can I admit that I am a total breakfast failure? The hubs makes breakfast and coffee almost every day! I make it when I happen to be off work or on a weekend.. I either need to study this list and start waking up earlier… or send it to him. Ok I’ll send it to him. Bwahaha πŸ˜€

    1. My husband is in charge of the coffee every morning. I call him my barista. But I get breakfast duty. We’re currently on a no carb diet which precludes just about everything on this list — so I can’t wait until Easter – big cheat day!

  5. This is a great round up! All these recipes I could see myself making. Thanks for sharing!

  6. Oh my goodness, these recipes have me drooling. I am OBSESSED with eggs and seriously have them for at least one meal a day. Can’t wait to try some of these!

    1. I have a thing for eggs too! I want to dive into the shakshuka!

    1. Thank you so much! It’s a beautiful bread!

  7. Every single one of these brunch recipes looks delicious! Now the true challenge is to pick one to make on Easter. Wait! I can make a few of them and have peeps over. Great round up!

    1. Thank you, Elaine! I think inviting the peeps is required!

  8. So much yummy food here! I want to go to a brunch where ALL of this is served so I can sample everything, lol! Thanks for including my liege waffles!

  9. This just makes me sad because I wish it could be Easter Brunch every day! Thanks for including me in such a great round up!

    1. Well, I for one would be a lot bigger if it were Easter Brunch every day!