Vegetable Side Dishes For Thanksgiving

A collage of Thanksgiving vegetable side dishes.

Veggie side dishes don’t have to be boring — and for Thanksgiving dinner, they’d BETTER NOT BE! These quick and easy vegetable recipes will balance out the richness of this traditional meal and keep every bite interesting.

Get out of your holiday rut with these 24 jaw-dropping vegetable sides for Thanksgiving. From simple roast vegetables to stunning casseroles and flavorful sautées and purées, elevate your vegetables for Thanksgiving this year.

Thanksgiving isn't just about turkey, stuffing and pie... You must have a vegetable, too, right?

These Thanksgiving vegetable sides are right at home with any menu, and all focus on classic fall veggies and vegetable combinations.

No marshmallows are allowed in these holiday side dish recipes, thank you very much.

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  1. The mashed cauliflower recipe is EVERYTHING!! Tastes just like the real thing!